Jordon Lennox-Lamb will be wearing the Birel ART colours for the forthcoming competition seasons.

For the twenty-two-year-old British driver this marks a return to the team that adopted and launched him in 2009-2010. Lennox-Lamb, who has proved one of the most talented and competitive drivers in recent seasons, will be occupied on several fronts.

In addition to the premier KZ class, he will also be on track for the various international events in the KF and Rotax classes.

For the Birel ART Racing department, this agreement with Lennox-Lamb completes a team that will start the next season with big ambitions. In addition to the British driver, Birel ART Racing has also confirmed the return of Gianluca Beggio to the factory team.

For the five-times World Champion, this marks a return to the team with which he achieved the major goals of his career; but this time he will leaving his helmet and overalls aside to take on the important role of General Manager of Birel ART Racing.

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