Lissone (Italy) – Birel ART Racing is ready to embark on an exciting 2015 season, having finally sealed the deal with the prominent young stars of the future who complete the structure of our Racing Team, which will be active in the KFJ, KF, KZ and KZ2 classes and in all CIK-FIA and WSK competitions (except the Champions Cup). As per tradition, the 2015 racing season will get underway at the Winter Cup in Lonato, set for February 22.

Birel ART Racing has completed its driver line-up for the challenging season that lies ahead. Britain’s Jordon Lennox-Lamb joins us as official driver to represent the team in the KZ1, alongside Netherland’s Martin Kremers who will race in the KZ2. Lennox-Lamb will also compete for the KF title in the World and European championships. The roster of Birel Art Racing drivers includes other top names, like thirteen year old Belgian Ulysse De Pauw, set to compete in the KFJ with the French duo of Timothy Peisselon and Tom Leuillet, and Switzerland’s Lucas Légeret.

The intense Birel ART group program for 2015 also extends to Ricciardo Kart Racing, the new project born from Daniel Ricciardo’s love for kart racing and developed in collaboration with Birel ART. The Ricciardo Kart line will be represented on track by Swedish driver Rasmus Lindh in the KFJ and by a number of Australian drivers in a select list of competitions, starting from the Winter Cup. The General Manager of both the Birel Art and the Ricciardo Kart racing departments is someone who needs no introduction: Gianluca Beggio. After five world titles conquered with Birel as a driver, Beggio has decided to accept a new challenge that draws on his expertise. Birel ART Racing’s prestigious team members include other stand-out names, like Roberto Voltan (Team Coordinator) and Daniele Leone (Data Acquisition Manager).

«Our goal is to be among the star players of the season» – said Birel ART Racing President Ronni Sala. «We know we will face challenging fields and top-level rivals, but we won’t stop short of the highest results. As we laid down our work plan, we decided to focus on the best professional standards and absolute attention to detail. Let us be clear about our racing ambitions – we aim to be among the season’s top three teams.»

The demanding schedule for 2015 also extends to the Rotax world. «We have put together an official team that will be managed by Kalman Motorsport and owner Peter Kalman» – Sala explained. «Our official driver Oliver Askew from the USA will be joined by at least four other young talents. We will announce the full line-up soon. We are also working to define Jordon Lennox-Lamb’s involvement in the DD2 field of the Rotax Max Euro Challenge, where we also plan to enter an official Ricciardo Kart team».

Photo: The RaceBox

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