Onboard Richard Verschoor – WSK Champions Cup

Richard Verschoor:

Here by some onboard laps with me.. We had 2 good weekends in my debut in KF class.. Of course we wanted to win, but we never thought that we would so soon. We won the first race and came 4th in the second weekend. We already have one runner-up title in the pocket! Im very happy with the new team, RB Racing, who work together with ONE engines; it’s a very good combination! KF class is totally new for me, and i know that we have to work very hard to get the good results, the start is there and we will continue with making progress. Together with the team, and my coach / mechanic Mats vd Brand!

Mats vd Brand:

For me it was a new experience. a new team, new situation. Richard and i worked very hard the last month, and during the races we get very good support from the team! It makes us better and more complete. Richard and i have a very strong connection, were like brothers, we work together like a team and this makes it a little bit easier to reach our goals! To win our first ever KF race is absolute the best way to start a season! In the end, we managed to come 4th in the second race weekend, so I’m a very happy coach. We still have to work hard the whole season, and we will! Together with the team, we share the same goals, and we will get there!

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